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Photographs by Steven Dramstad Green Sea Turtle Spotted Eagle Ray Mantatee Xcalak Reef Xcalak Reef Xcalak Reef

Enter our Underwater Wonderland

The second longest reef in the world is our front yard.

John's Nov. 2012 Scuba Photo
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The Xcalak Reef National Marine Park (Parque Nacional Arrecifes de Xcalak) is visible from our front yard and little more than a stone's throw away. The reef diving is exceptional, a short 5 to 20 minute boat ride takes you to the several dive sites. With our Dive Masters you will experience walls, canyons, chimneys, "blue holes," incredible views of coral, fans, sponges, turtles, eels, rays, and a variety of tropical fish. There is something to explore at every depth, whether a beginner or expert, everyone is amazed. Take your diving experience to another level with our on-site instruction; from a first scuba experience, add specialty courses, all the way up to Dive Master. At secluded Cocos, it's the best way to learn to dive, with the beautiful Caribbean and personalized instruction.

School of large tarpon - Octopus - Queen Angelfish
Photographs by Steven Dramstad
School of Large Tarpon Octopus Queen Angelfish

- Exceptional snorkeling and scuba diving is a short swim off our dock, amid incredible coral heads.
- Our reef has over 48 species of hard & soft corals, sponges, and even the exotic black coral.
- Or our local guides can take you on snorkeling boat excursions to other areas of the Reef.

Whether Diving or Snorkeling, our full dive shop is equipped with rental gear for all your needs.